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  • Erlend Oye- Garota
  • Stimming - ChinaTree
  • Colosseum & Varese Sarabande soundtracks nominated for the World Soundtrack Awards
  • Henry Mendez - Dale Mambo
  • Sherlock Holmes - Die neuen Fälle Folge 12: Der verhängnisvolle Schlüssel
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  • John Sinclair - Folge 93: Der Pesthügel von Shanghai
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  • Röyskopp and Robyn - Do it again
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Volker Schwettmann
Volker Schwettmann, Head of Production at Zebralution GmbH passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday the 12th of July 2014.
Schafe & Wölfe: Winners of Telekom Streetgigs Band Contest
Good Times for Schafe & Wölfe: They are the winners of the Telekom Streetgigs Band Contest!
After last night’s TV show on VOX, Zebralution artist Gregor Meyle is dominating the current album charts of Amazon and iTunes!
Henry Mendez_Dale Mambo
After a series of hit singles i.e. ‘El Tiburón”, “Rayos de Sol’, ‘Noche de Estrella’, the Dominican artist Henry Mendez releases his debut album ‘Dale Mambo’.
Schafe & Wölfe - Telekom Street Gigs Band Contest
We are happy to announce that our artist Schafe & Wölfe has been chosen for the Telekom Street Gigs Band Contest 2014!
Ruth Lorenzo takes over Spotify Spain
Spain's Eurovision 2014 candidate Ruth Lorenzo takes over Spotify Spain!
Ryan Keen_ AMPYA Room Service
Ryan Keen launches the new AMPYA "Room Service" series.
On February 25, William Fitzsimmons presented his new album "Lions" in the Gibson Showroom in Berlin.
Last Saturday, after a tight competition, “Dancing In The Rain” was elected by the Spanish audience to represent Spain at Eurovision 2014.
Zebralution's international team is teaming up for Midem and will be available from 31.01. - 04.02. We're looking forward to see you there.