Henry Mendez releases his debut album "Dale mambo"

Henry Mendez_Dale Mambo

This is the first Album by Henry Mendez. After a series of hit singles i.e. ‘El Tiburón”, “Rayos de Sol’, ‘Noche de Estrella’, the Dominican artist and main promoter of the Spanish “Latin Electro” urban sound brings out ‘Dale Mambo’, a collection of 17 songs. In 'Dale Mambo', Henry collaborates with other great artists such as the Brazilian rising star Gabriel Valim in ‘Piradinha (Ella se vuelve loca)’ and Mexican actress and singer Dulce Maria (from Mexican Pop band RDB, stars of Mexican TV show ‘La Familia’).

Some of the songs included here are already known by a large audience throughout Europe (mainly France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Italy) but this time with a different artistic approach, such as the mambo version of the 2011 hit “Rayos de Sol” and the acoustical version of “Mi Reina” (iTunes exclusive).

This Album includes three thirds of new tracks and one third of songs that have been released as singles before.