Zebralution and Napster get-together at the Book Fair in Frankfurt

Daniela Bartels (Senior Director Music & Label Relations Europe), Thorsten Schliesche (Senior Vice President & General Manager Europe) and Patric Niederländer (Vice President Business Development Europe) will be attending from Napster. Zebralution will be represented by Kurt Thielen (Managing Director), Nils Hollmann (Head of Sales & Marketing), Marius Vogel (Head of Legal & Business Affairs), Christoph Bornefeld-Ettmann (Head of Operations), Eric Schmitz (Product & Labelmanager), Mia Bohr (Junior Manager Audiobooks), Norbert Töller (Production Manager) and Tobias Kallfaß (Marketing Manager).

The Zebralution team will also be present at the fair on October 19th and 20th. We are looking forward to meeting our partners and new publishers.